Name card service

The customer always hopes that his requests will be followed up by a familiar CS or salesperson anytime anywhere, but a staff who complies with a 24-7 schedule never exists. Solution? You only need a set of business mobile numbers to solve all problems by using One Connect’s WhatsApp business card service.

The auto-tagging function of the One Connect system can use only a set of mobile phone numbers, to become a dedicated contact point for up to ten frontlines. And this is simple: just print a business card with a special QR code for your staff. When your customer scans the QR code, the One Connect system will turn on their WhatsApp, and the staff code/name will be sent by the customer automatically. Your staff on duty can immediately respond to their customer with preset messages, and One Connect has already prepared a dedicated mobile app for your team. The process and progress are open and transparent, and all business data is effectively saved.