Creates a Platform For Insurance Services Providers & Partners to Thrive

Who are Harpia Connect

Harpia Connect Limited is a Hong Kong InsurTech startup whose key focus is on offering SaaS services encompassing video conferencing, compliances, fulfilments of regulatory requirements & standards,  customer engagement and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based analytic and sales automation solutions. We are Twilio’s (NYSE: TWLO)Asian services Consulting Partner and our goals is to create a new levels playing fields for Large & Small Insurance Services Providers, invite agents partners to participate and thrive, as well as benefiting from a revolution new SaaS charging models

Our Partners

We are glad to partner with Twilio, (NYSE: TWLO) the US Cloud Communications Platform as a service (CPaaS) company based in San Francisco, California. Twilio offers software developers to programmatically initiate and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and perform other communication functions using its web service APIs. Twilio Clients include ING , AirBnb, Uber, HK based virtual and tradition retail banks. We (Twilio and Harpia) have Video Calling (VC) implementation experience in Hong Kong market with leading Insurance Services Providers, Retail or Virtual banks, and we believe our past track records, experience & established trust with Insurance Services Providers & Banks would be of great values and benefits to our future clients.

More partners to join soon……Stay in touch.

Our Products

Harpia D-Biz

Cloud Services with Full Enterprises System Integrations support for Insurance Services Providers.

Harpia Bot

Customers Engagement automation, Big Data Analytic reports, tools & support for Enterprises clients.

Harpia Fulfillment

Liaises, tackles & implements Regulatory requirements & standards, offering full on-boarding services support and assistance to Insurance Providers to meet Hong Kong Insurance Authority specified requirements.

Why Harpia?

Proven Video Conferencing Services

Twilio and Harpia Teams have a proven and successful track records on Video Conferencing Services implementation with reputable Insurance Services Providers in Hong Kong.

Fast and simple

We consolidated and standardized all consumer needs and HKIA requirements, that means we could facilities insurance corp and their agents could implement the services onboarding fast and simple.

100% local startup

We are 100% Local Hong Kong Start Up, immune to geopolitical changes.

Supportive technical assistance

We got head of technology advantages on consumer location checking solutions via TELCO support, which could ensure consumer sign off the quotations at Hong Kong

Competitive initial cost

Low Starting Cost No more high Integration costs hurdles. Our competitive charging scheme includes all integrations, all charges are fully transparent & predictable. No More Bills Shocks for Managements and IT Heads.

Open platform

We are an open platform, which is welcome to integrate with client requested third parties system API, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure,  Adobe Sign, DoucSign, Salesforce or any other platform if needed.